Blender: Shinya Aoki vs Mizuto Hirota remake in CGI

This animation is remake of the MMA fight: Shinya Aoki vs Mizuto Hirota in Dynamite!! The Power of Courage 2009 on the New Year’s Eve of 2009.

His simple but effective technique is amazing. Everyone can understand what is happening here.
Some Jujitsu practitioner probably ever imagine that holding opponent’s arm on the back is a way to submit him.
But the technique is very rare in reality.

Shinya Aoki showed it on the important match that DREAM’s champion vs SENGOKU champion.

Fascinated by the motion, I made it in CGI by Blender. The opponent doesn’t looks Hirota Mizuto but Fedor though.

aoki_fedor_armlock_back1_punch1_1 aoki_fedor_armlock_back1_punch1_2 aoki_fedor_armlock_back2_wrench1_1 aoki_fedor_armlock_back2_wrench1_2

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