Blender: RIZIN FF GP 2015 Opening Video “PRIDE is ALIVE”

I eventually complete to make the RIZIN FF opening video: “PRIDE is ALIVE”.

Although the pride FC remade project started in May 2015(Blender: I made PRIDE FC glove by CG, and plan to recreate PRIDE – Gappy Facets), it had accelerated by announcement of PRIDE’s rebirth in the name of “RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATION” on the New Year’s EVE of 2015 in Japan.

So I changed the concept from PRIDE remade into RIZIN FF opening video by making  CGI model of MMA glove, ring, entrance, fighters, and making CG animation and CG video effect by Blender.

Just before two days the event would be held, I had finally finished making the video.
Such video had been consumed in my mind since PRIDE was dead in 2006. So the video is my dream taking decade-long.

I hope it entertains you.


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