Blender: Cooking Slime Don

This is a CGI scene of cooking in the field.
Slime-Don is a culinary creation for slime which is made of agar jelly. Don means rice ball in Japanese.


First of all, I cut the slime. The severed mesh was made by displace modifier after 3 subdivision surface was applied.

slime_cut1_1 slime_cut1_angle1_1

The texture for cutting mesh in displace modifier is Facebook’s “Like” button. It was useful for cutting because the lines are clear.


Then I cut the half of body into a small pieces of meat. The meshes were divided by “bisect” tool in edit mode.



Finally The slices of flesh were arranged on the rice as if it’s maguro(tuna)-don. The salmon caviars and wasabi were put on the meats as topping.



Eating a friend is not so inhumane because a fraction of flesh of slime can regenerate its whole body if it has the original eyes.
So we continued the travel around the park on the New Year’s Day.



It’s a summary of the cooking.




The knife and board is MVG86’s Cutting knife & board | Blend Swap.

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