Blender: Photo-real Takoyaki in CGI

I made the takoyaki in CGI.

The scene includes takoyaki array, katsuo-bushi particle, wooden toothpicks, ship-dish, tatami, and banboo wall around the tatami.



I stuck to make sauce material. The sauce on the takoyaki is not a separate material from takoyaki, it’s a single material.
I made translucent sauce and takoyaki base, then divided them by masgrave and magic texture as boundary.
For natural border of sauce and takoyaki, I mixed color and displacement. As a result, the edges of sauce shows base takoyaki, and are bumped a little bit along with takoyaki color.




In the viewport of Blender.



Download the file:

You can download the blend file from Takoyaki | Blend Swap.


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