Blender CGI: Maguro-Don (Rice Bowl of Raw Tuna)

I made Maguro-Don (Rice Bowl of Raw Tuna) in CGI by Blender. The Japanese style room is also 3D object except the outdoor texture.

The images below is a scene when a sun light of noon casts over the maguro-don and tatami Through the gap of shoji screens. Probably someone in the house placed it for lunch as courtesy while I was napping in the warm daytime in September.

maguro-don1_1_1 maguro-don1_2_2maguro-don1_washitsu3_2


Actual maguro-don has permeated soy sauce throughout the slice of maguro and rice but I didn’t make it. Perhaps the sauce will be there in a improved version.



The material node of raw tuna:



Download the file:

You can download the blend file from Maguro-Don (Tuna Rice Bowl) | Blend Swap.


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