Blender New Add-on: “Auto Drawing Tool”


Auto Drawing Tool:


This is a new blender’s add-on. The add-on makes drawing animation by Freestyle with build modifier.

The add-on is useful to make fake drawing videos, for example, presentation of a product or education videos.
Also, if you are an elementary school student, you can make a drawing video for homework of art during summer vacation. Teachers would praise you for your skill.



Tutorial Video:




1. Download the zip file (or take zip file from Github: auto-drawing-tool).
2. In Blender, go to File > Use Preferences > Add-ons, click “Install from file”, and select the zip file.
3. Activate “Animation: Auto Drawing Tool” in Animation category.


Basic Usage:

auto-drawing-tool_tutorial_toolshelf11. Select an object.
2. Go to toolshelf on the left of 3D view. In Animation tab, there is “Auto Drawing Tool” box.
3. Set start frame and end frame for animation, then click on “Set Auto Drawing” button.
4. Render animation.



auto-drawing-tool_tutorial_options1Option setting panel comes in bottom left of 3D view, after click “Set Auto Drawing” button.

Enable/Disable process:

You can turn on or off each settings for auto drawing.
1. Buld Modifier & Freestyle.
2. Blender Render.
3. Apply White World.
4. Apply White Shadeless Material.
5. Subsurf Modifier.

Line Thickness:

Change line thickness of Freestyle.

Freestyle Preset:

Change the line style by Freestyle preset.

  • “NONE” = Default setting of Freetyle.
  • “MARKER_PEN” = Bolder line.
  • “BRUSH_PEN” = Different line thickness from start to end.
  • “SCRIBBLE” = Rough line.
  • “FREE_HAND” = Rough line and rough shape.
  • “CHILDISH” = More rough like child’s drawing.

Change Drawing Order(Only for MESH):

Change order for build modifier by sorting index of face.
It affects only on MESH objects.

  • “NONE” = Default index of face for the object.
  • “REVERSE” = Reveres the order of default index.
  • “CURSOR_DISTANCE” = Sort from a nearest face to cursor.
  • “CAMERA” = Sort from a nearest face to camera.
  • “VIEW_ZAXIS” = Sort along with Z axis.
  • “VIEW_XAXIS” = Sort along with X axis.
  • “SELECTED” = Sort from selected face.
  • “MATERIAL” = Sort by material.

Draw Objects In Turn:

It draws selected objects in turn.
For “ALONG_CURVE”, select a curve lastly.

  • “NONE” = Draw object at the same time.
  • “SIMPLE” = Draw object in turn.
  • “ALONG_CURVE” = Draw objects along active curve’s points.


Todo List:

  • Change drawing order for text object.
  • Vanish line on internal faces during building animation.
  • Link color between world and material.
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