Blender Addon: Auto Drawing Tool v0.3.0 New Feature

The main feature for Auto Drawing Tool v0.3.0 is the option: “Draw Objects In Turn”.
It draws selected objects in turn.
For “ALONG_CURVE”, select a curve lastly.

  • “NONE” = Draw object at the same time.
  • “SIMPLE” = Draw object in turn.
  • “ALONG_CURVE” = Draw objects along active curve’s points.

The video shows how to use “Draw Objects In Turn” option.


v.0.3.0 change log

There are other bug fix and improvement.

  • New option “Draw Objects In Turn”: It includes “SIMPLE” and “ALONG_CURVE”.
  • Fix behavior of applying material/world: Now it makes new material/world not to change existing ones.
  • Fix behavior of changing setting: Now it can turns on/off modifiers, rendering engine, freestyle, afterward.



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