Blender: Smoke of The United States? or Smoke of fried chicken?

This is a result of test for ink in water simulation along with tutorial video of BlenderDiplom.


I feel the result looks like U.S. map in shape.
So can United States be made by disturbed smoke? I don’t know but the “tail” and “head” is common shape when ink dropped in water.
In this point of view, the United States can be analogized as dropped ink.



I also feel that the smoke looks like fried chicken in shape and surface.
I think the fried surface is similar to dense smoke.
Can fried chicken be made by smoke simulation? I’m not sure but it could be.



The tutorial video for the simulation is this:

Other images I made are:
smoke_ink2_res=256_colorRamp=almost-white1 smoke_ink1_res=128_colorRamp=almost-white1

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