CGI Idea: Fried chicken from smoke simulation

What do you think the browny stuff on the plate is?
If you think that it is a fried chicken, I can say that I made fried chicken from smoke simulation, because it is nothing but smoke with brown color.



The red smoke below is original smoke I made. When I glanced at the resulted smoke, I though it is like map of the United States or fried chicken.


I think there are two primary reason why the smoke looks like fried chicken.
One reason is the blobs on the surface. Another reason is the shape of “head” and “tail”.
The chicken in my mind was similar to the picture below.



How to make the chicken:

I made the smoke by following the┬áBlenderDiplom’s tutorial for ink drop simulation.
After baking simulation, I found good shape of smoke and angle for fried chicken, then changed the smoke color into brown.

The node is this, but it is almost identical to the node in the tutorial, except for the color.


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