Blender: Fake Sketch Material

This is fake sketch material. It was originally aluminum foil material. I turned it sketch with color of diagonal lines and some refinements.


Download File:

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Fake Sketch Material | Blend Swap.


  • The material is under CC-0.
  • The 3d model is generated using the software Manuel Bastioni Lab created by Manuel Bastioni  and is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.



  • The material is suit for single color world such as white, otherwise it reflects environment.
  • For flat object, decrease bump.
  • Stronger light can make it more sketchy.
  • It is good to use with Freestyle.
  • It doesn’t require many rendering sample size, so easy to make animation with it.






Material Node:

The material is combination of aluminum foil with diagonal line.
The shader is glossy with aluminum foil bump texture.
The diagonal lines consist of  45 degree and 70 degree lines.

Raw Material Node:


Grouped Material Node:



Why aluminum foil can make sketchy material:

Originally the fake sketch material came from my aluminum foil material. I felt that it seemed like sketch.

Aluminum foil ,which wraps an object, replicates almost perfect shape of the object but somehow lefts “polygon” look in border of light and shadow.
The flaw of imitation is similar with sketch.





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