Blender Animation: Fake-Sketched moment in PRIDE FC

This is animation with fake-sketch material in Blender.

The material doesn’t need big rendering sample size, or sometimes small sample size is better for sketch-mimicry.
So it is easy to make animation with the material.
The video below is an example.

This is a motion that a PRIDE fighter is drop out of the rope at corner of ring.
I re-create a moment when Takanori Gomi dropped out of rope after he won in PRIDE FC event.
I haven’t make him in CGI, so I put a guy who resembles Mauricio Shogun Rua.
fake-sketch_MMA_shogun-drop1_color2 fake-sketch_MMA_shogun-drop1_color4 fake-sketch_MMA_shogun-drop1_color6 fake-sketch_MMA_shogun-drop1_color7


Download Material:

Fake Sketch Material | Blend Swap.


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