Blender CGI: A Nightmare of Shadow City

This is CGI images using fake-sketch material in Blender. The material can be downloaded in Fake Sketch Material | Blend Swap.
I improved the material. The advanced version can render fake-ink-brush.
The ink-brush material is good for nightmare scene.


The Shadow City:

This is “Shadow City” where a monster is milling about and devouring people. The shadow allover the city is hiding the face.

shadow-city_test3_background1_angle4 shadow-city_test3_background1_angle2

The monster sees me, but it has familiar look!


I like the face above. But I think the face below is more Hollywood-taste because it’s like a zombi.



About Daijiro Morohoshi:

This is a remake of Morohoshi Daijiro’s “Shadow City” in CGI. Morohoshi is a genius. His imagination and story telling have highly influence on other creators in manga, anime, and movie. But he seems to be not so popular outside Japan.

Human face on creature appears in his manga several times. It is funny but horrible. And I think it is hard to remake in realistic CGI.



This short story has great influence in other creators.
Hideaki Anno, who is the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, wanted to make the scene, as saying by Toshio Okada ,who is a founder of Gainax, in TV talk show “BS Manga Ya-wa” on Daijiro Morohoshi in 1997.
Toshio Okada also said that it is an origin of Evangelion.

Toshio Okada didn’t say much detail on the subject. But I think The Evangelion’s posture and devouring scene has similar look.



The 3D human model was made by Manuel Bastioni official page.

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