Blender: Making totems by simple-deform modifier

The basic setting for topological transformation is double simple-deform modifier.
Also, register empty to axis, origin of simple deform modifier.
To transform object, tweak angle in the modifier, and change  location/rotation/scale of an empty.



Showcase of transformation with monkey:

I think the transformation by double simple-deform modifier makes a sense of totem in traditional societies.


monkey_invert1_motion2_material_wood1_1 monkey_invert1_motion2_material_wood1_2 monkey_invert1_motion2_material_wood1_3

The transformation below is my favorite shape in the series. It’s like an elder owl.

monkey_owl2_material1_wooden1_1 monkey_owl2_material1_wooden1_2 monkey_owl2_material1_wooden1_3 monkey_owl2_material1_wooden1_4 monkey_owl2_material1_wooden1_5 monkey_owl2_material1_wooden1_6

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