Sci-Fi CGI: The Second Arrival of Chloroplast

This is a CGI scene of sci-fi.

The atmosphere is already serene by oxygen and ozone that cyanobacteria has been emitting as a result of photosynthesis,

As if the atmospheric change had been planed in the first place, the second gift arrived from the sky.
The ship-like structure is formed with guard cells.
It contains the similar kind of cyanobacteria as the first arrival. But the DNA is controlled by the guard cells which keep the bacteria in their own cell.

After the event, life is destined swiftly for multicellular organism backed by symbiotic relationship between chloroplast and cells.

torus_guard-cell_bean2_material1_water3_scene1_1 torus_guard-cell_bean2_material1_water3_scene1_2


This is element of the colony of guard cells.


Colony of chloroplast in the deep sea.




The sky world setting is macio’s Sky Free | Blend Swap.

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