Blender: How to make imaginary organs by simple deform modifier



How to make:

This is fictional organs modeled by double simple deform modifier.

A simple deform modifier distorts an object along with a direction or angle.
But I found a way to make more complex shape by applying the modifier twice in an object.

Double simple modifier distorts an object by balance of the effect of each modifier. The Blend of two modifier can make complex deformation. To find good blend, tweak values of each modifier until you are satisfied.

I feel that the results are topological transformation rather than simple deform.



The setting is simple.
See the procedure and screenshots below :

  1. Apply simple deform modifier twice on an object.
  2.  Turn on “Bend” mode in the modifier.
  3. Create two empty objects and register them in “Axis, Origin”  of the each modifier.
  4. Tweak value of “angle” in simple modifiers, and also tweak location/rotation/scale of empties at will.





The CGI images below are showcase resulted by double simple deform modifier.

The base objects are very simple –Icosphere and Sphere, but the resulted shapes are complex.

I felt the shapes were similar to organs or tissues in body.
So I finished rendering them as imaginary organs. For organ-look material, I used the nice tongue shader material by Bastable.

Organ From Icosphere:


Pillow-like organ from Icosphere.


Lips-like organ from Icosphere.

Organ From Sphere:


Hip-like organ with ring from Sphere.


Hip-like organ from Sphere.

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