Blender Tutorial: How to make flow patterns by Musgrave texture


The default setting of Musgrave texture makes a random pattern. But it is usually blurred.

I found a setting of Musgrave can make good detail noise.
And when it is connected other textures, the result is good flow texture, such as cloud of the earth, Gogh’s vortex, or Jupiter’s cloud.


Tutorial Video:


Basic setting for Musgrave texture:


The most important setting is ‘Dimension’ = 0. The zero ‘Dimension’ makes rough noise. If ‘Dimension’ is not zero, the pattern is blurred.

High value of ‘Detail’ makes noise more detail.
High value of Lacunarity can change scale of noise.

This musgrave setting can makes color or bump pattern for rock or terrain.


Other textures with Musgrave texture:

Musgrave with Magic texture:


I feel it looks like spooky vortex of Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.


Musgrave with Noise texture:


It can be flow of gas


If the black color is converted into blue, it becomes clouds covering the earth.


Musgrave with Voronoi Texture:


It could be ripple of rain, or Belousov-Zhabotinsky(BZ) reaction in chemical.



Musgrave with Wave texture:


It is good because it can contain flow and vortex in texture seamlessly.
So it looks Jupiter.
I didn’t make Jupiter shader from this, but I think it can be made by the texture with some blur and noise.

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