Blender: Procedural Tree Material with Moss

I made the material for a new addon ‘Crack It’ which can make cracks on an object (I will release it within a few days).
So the tree material is suit for cracked objects.

But In the showcase, I applied the material on a simple objects from icosphere.
I think they have legit looking as tree although they have no actual cracks.


Download the file:

Procedural Tree Material | Blend Swap.



The color, shape of crack, shape of moss can be changed.
So in the showcase, I made two kind of tree — an ordinal tree with moss and an old red tree.

tree_showcase1_1 tree_showcase1_3


The Basic Material Setting:


The basic pattern for crack of tree is Voronoi texture.

I used a Voronoi texture and distribute color by Color Ramp.
Ror bump of crack, I made another Voronoi texture with tiny pattern and multiplied the two Voronoi.

The moss was a shader divided from tree shader by mix shader.

The entire material node is the picture below.


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