RIZIN GP 2016 Video Parts: “Break The Cage”

This is part of video for fan-art VTR of RIZIN GP 2016 First Round.

In the scene, the cage is broken by explosion. Also, the Big Brother’s monitor turns white.
Of course, it is a parody of Apple’s “1984” commercial video.

In the next sequence, RIZIN will appears from the ceil.

cage_faucault_explode_camera2_floor1_10042cage_faucault_explode_camera1_far1_10048 cage_faucault_explode_camera2_floor1_10061cage_faucault_explode_camera2_floor1_10065cage_faucault_explode_camera1_far1_10072cage_faucault_explode_camera2_floor1_10102cage_faucault_explode_camera1_far1_10090

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