Blender: Bumpy Towel by Microdisplacement in Blender 2.78


bumpy towels by microdisplacement | Blend Swap.


Adaptive subsurf and microdisplacement  are new feature of Blender 2.78.
The feature is good for detailed rough surface of natural object like mountain, snow, or ground.

For me, the resulted surface looks like bumpy fur of towel or washcloth.
So I made bumpy clothes with microdisplacement below.
Comparing hair simulation for clothes, the good part of fake hair by microdisplacement is the smaller size of blend file. They are less than 1.5 MB. If I used hair simulation, the size and rendering time will be very high.
Bad part for microdisplacement is that it can’t be realistic if camera is close to the object. So they are suit for middle range camera.

The washcloth of spa which says “mixed bath spa, burendaa”.

The rolled wet towel (oshibori) is usually provided in restaurant for washing hand, and middle age sales men use the towel to wash their face).

The bed of dog was washed many time, so the fur became bumpy.



Basic setting for adaptive subsurf and microsidplacement is Blender2.78: Adaptive Subsurf and Microdisplacement Experiment – Gappy Facets.

Material node:

Noise texture and musgrave texture are used for pattern of microdisplacement. “multiply” in math changes the amount of extrusion of displacement.

Subdivision surface modifier:

Turn on “adaptive”. “Dicing Scale” = 0.80.


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