Blender: Bacterial Particle script

Gist: Python snippet with Japanese comment.

I made bacterial particle by python script.

The main feature is that a new particle borns near an existing particle.
And it makes inconstant born rate, unlike default blender’s particle system which forces to make constant born rate between start and end frames.

Combining that, the resulting particle animation can be cell division particle. So I call it “bacterial particle”

I plan to turn the script into Blender’s addon, if it seems to be beneficial for other Blender users.




Python Script:

Basic usege:

Select an object which has particle system. I recommend using fluid mode in the particle system.
Paste the script on text editor in scripting window, and right click to “run script”.


The variables at the bottom of code are parameters of the script.

preset() automatically changes particle system setting into suitable setting for the bacterial particle script. You can disable preset by commenting out like #preset().

growth_mode change growth pattern.

  • growth_mode=”cell” simulates cell division to doubling particle near existing particles.
  • growth_mode=”proceed” makes proceeding random walk particles.
  • growth_mode=”random” makes particles in random and constant growth rate.

There are other parameters to change growth pattern.


Gist: squarednob/

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